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Three lovely littermates (locally bred) waiting new homes.

All 5 yrs plus. Last placings at Hall Green

Laddie 2

Laddie was adopted in the Autumn of 2015 but returned 6 weeks later after an altercation with an aggressive retriever.

Neighbours were less than understanding.

Comet 3

For anyone wondering how greyhounds think about racing
please see the link below. GT girl Keev Pearl (now adopted)
in the only race she ever won. Click on photo strip image

Bliss 2 (2)

BLISS, 5 yrs in the care of South Wales GT.
Sweet girl who has an old hock injury that was treated at the time and gives her no trouble. Just makes one of her back legs look a bit wonky


Several video clips
available under
his racing name of
Two Time
on Greyhound Data 

TAZ 5yrs

Was in a home for several weeks and was very sweet to other dogs but too curious for the family who run a mail order firm and found their packages were being opened long before they could be posted !

 Newshounder SAYS

Tracks closing as land becomes more valuable than current use
Dogs racing and waiting at risk

Sasha Newshound 2
Taz (2)